ME-Chelle Michelle Davis
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME


I founded ME-Chelle’s Igs and Whippets out of the true and pure love for these breeds. My name is Michelle Davis and my husband Peter and I reside in Falmouth, Maine (five minutes from in town Portland). I’m a dentist by profession and had been afraid of dogs since one bit me as a child. It was actually my husband who convinced me, and bought my first two dogs (which were litter mates). He had no idea of the can of worms he had opened. It has been 3 years, and 8 dogs, since I’ve become involved with Igs and Whippets. Regrettably my first three dogs were bought from dog stores and the next from a questionable online breeder who’s web site advertised that they “ship anywhere, Visa and MasterCard accepted”.

After a lot of education from numerous books and talking to many knowledgeable IG and Whippet owners, I have come a long way, although I realize I still have a lot to learn.

I do feel that I have learned a lot the hard way, and want to share my experiences with others, thereby saving them the time, energy, and heartache I’ve gone through.

So please go though my web site and if you learn even just one thing my goal was accomplished.

As my knowledge and experience on this subject evolves, so will this web site. I sincerely hope others will continue to benefit form my experiences both good and bad.

Michelle and Suzie

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