ME-Chelle Michelle Davis
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME


Aka: Lilly Meister, Lilly of the Valley, Daylily, Stargazer Lilly…
and trust me many more!


Lilly came to us from another one of those infamous mall pet stores, the worst kind. I saw sad Lilly in a metal crate only 3 weeks after I got Max and Wegi. I asked the lady in the store to see Lilly and, as I was holding her (as any good dentist would do) I checked her teeth. She had none! At this age, Lilly (which they claimed was 10 wks old) should have had plenty. I panicked, bought and took Lilly home immediately where I knew I could provide her with a good life. When I came home with Lilly, my husband knew at that moment he had created a true IG lover (or monster) as he put it. Although Lilly also came with IG papers, as she got older we realized she had a sprinkling of Chihuahua in her genes.

She may not be pure, but she is the BEST. Lilly is full of life, personality and Trouble. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home. Lilly's philosophy on life is, a bone is much better stolen, even if a bigger and meatier one is sitting unattended right next to her.


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