ME-Chelle Michelle Davis
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME


Aka: Maggie


Maggie is very special to me!! I spent a great deal of time researching a reputable breeder, calling around the country with references and selecting just the right Whippet I could show. Dozens were researched but Maggie was the clear choice. I even waited until Maggie was 18 weeks old before making the final decision to take her home. All was going well for about 2 weeks UNTIL, within a 48-hour time frame, nearly all her hair fell out and her skin became red. I had no idea what was going on. Maggie was seen by her veterinarian who diagnosed Demodex MANGE, the worst kind (more on Mange on my other we! b page). I did everything I thought would help her to recover, including conventional oral medicine and alternative therapy. I spent countless hours, treating her illness. Many of her littermates were euthenized by their owners due to the severity of the mange, but that just made me more focused on curing her condition. After 4-5 months of active care Maggie was as good as new. Though now spayed, Maggie is great companion and a beauty queen. Though we are unable to show Maggie we will be introducing her to agility or lure coursing in the spring.


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