ME-Chelle Michelle Davis
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME


a.k.a. Max


This is Fat Max and he, (as well as his sister Wegielia) was the start of my love affair with the breed. Max and Wegi came from one of those infamous pet stores. They actually came with IG papers, though, as they got older and kept growing, the Vet informed us they were actually whippets. Max is the love muffin of the group. Max loves without prejudice. Unfortunately he could never be a show dog because he hates watching his weight. When on a diet, he is willing to eat tree bark or anything else that comes his way. Because we love Max, we won't give up and are always watching his weight for him. Another problem effecting Max's waistline is his lack of interest in exercise. His idea of exercise is limited to watching the others play. Max's favorite pass time is simply lying in the sun.

Max and his littermate Wegi.
Max and Wegi Max

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