ME-Chelle Michelle Davis
22 Stapleford Drive
Falmouth, ME

CH LeBeck Black Eyed Susan ME-Chelle

Aka: Suzie

Suzie's Pedigree

Suzie came to Me-Chelle's after Maggie was healthy. I again looked for a reputable breeder to get a show quality IG to start my dog showing adventure. I found out that the IG world was much tougher to break into than the Whippet world. Both were very much soap operas. I was even promised a dog by a breeder who, at the last moment deemed me unqualified to own one of her puppies and reneged on the deal. Although I do understand everyone wants the best for their dogs, It broke my heart. I just wish she could have come to my home, meet my dogs, me and realize just how wrong she was to come to such a conclusion.

Soon after that fiasco I acquired Suzie who I poured my love in to. She is a hot ticket and hopefully others will think so too.

                Suzie 5 months old.                                     Suzie 6 months old.

Suzie 5 months

           Suzie at 11 months old.                             Suzie at 14 months old.

Suzie at 18 months old.


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